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Rangemaster / Range Cleaning

Rangemaster cleaning as with cleaning any range oven is a difficult and dirty job. As with standard ovens and cookers, keeping your range clean is important to ensure that there is no harmful bacteria present from bits of food or grease. Bacteria residing in your oven could cause serious illness to your family. In addition to the potential risk, a dirty, sticky range isn’t nice to use and doesn’t look good in your kitchen! And a dirty oven not only affects the taste of food cooked in it, it also affects the taste and is less efficient.

Rangemaster / Range Cleaning

With all the different compartments and parts to clean, cleaning your rangemaster can be a daunting task. There is a choice to make: you can either clean it yourself, or you can hire a professional range cleaner to do all the dirty work for you. There are pros and cons to both options.

Check out the oven cleaning page for more reasons why it might be best to hire a professional range cleaning company. But some of the highlights are listed below.

Why should I hire a professional range cleaner?

The main benefit of a professional range cleaning firm is that they’ll leave the range properly clean. If you have owned your range or Rangemaster from new, you have probably looked after it and kept it in good condition. But many people buy a second hand range that has perhaps not received the care and attention you might like. If yours is a bit dirty, greasy, smelly and tired looking, then we can come and revive it for you! We will clean off those old sticky patches of food using the correct chemicals to remove them without causing any damage.

Of course, once the area is cleaned we thoroughly remove any trace of the chemicals used so that there are no harmful side effects caused by chemicals getting into your food and contaminating it.

Do I have to wait several hours until I can use it again?

When we’re finished cleaning your range, we are sure that you will be very happy to see that it looks like new and smells fresh! We also ensure that all parts are cleaned comprehensively, for example the shelves, trays, racks, linings and seals are all thoroughly cleaned. The doors, bulbs and any covers are also completely cleaned to ensure that the entire oven and everything in it is completely clean and ready to use right away.

As mentioned above, bacteria and other contaminants could contaminate your food making it dangerous to eat. To ensure that your range remains safe to use, we recommend regular cleaning. A range ahould be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. But ideally it should be cleaned every 6 months to make sure that it’s clean, safe and working as efficiently as possible. If you’d like to hire us to clean your range, then fill in the form on this page and will will call you for more information and give you an accurate quote to clean your range to a professional standard.

If you don’t have a range then please check out the oven cleaning page or return to the home page for more information suited to your appliance.