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AGA Cleaning & Servicing

Most owners of an AGA range cooker love it and it takes pride of place in their kitchen. And rightly so, they are beautiful appliances and with the proper care can last for many years. But AGA cleaning with all the various compartments can be hard work and take a long time!

Aga Cleaning and ServicingThat’s where we come in, we are oven cleaning specialists and will come and service your AGA, giving it a thorough clean to keep it looking like new.

We are professional oven cleaners and we understand what is required for a full deep clean of an AGA. We have all the correct chemicals to clean it thoroughly, without causing any damage. Our non-caustic, non-toxic cleaning products mean that your AGA is fully deep cleaned, without any potential harm to you and your family.

Your AGA needs to be switched off for at least 24 hours prior to our visit so that we can clean properly. A deep clean usually takes 2-3 hours and we will leave your AGA look like new! If required we can also replace any bulbs and filters as required for a small extra fee, meaning that it will be cleaned and ready for you to use again after we’ve left.

Why do I need my AGA cleaning?

Over time, food spills and grease can coat the inside of your oven compartments and the warm dark environment is the perfect breading ground for bacteria. Not only this, but caked on food, that has been baked on is also a potential fire risk! We take care to clean your AGA thoroughly, not just superficially, but we clean all trays and racks too, all seals and covers are removed and cleaned too. Areas that normally are inaccessible when you clean the oven yourself, are thoroughly and professionally deep cleaned.

So, whilst it is definitely possible to clean your AGA yourself, we hope that you will contact us using the form on this page. Give us your contact details and we will call you as soon as we can for the full details of your AGA and give you an accurate quote to come and make it look like new, so it can continue occupying pride of place in your kitchen for years to come!

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