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Additional Services

We don’t just clean ovens, we also clean several other appliances too! Below is a list of other things that we clean along with a brief description.


Hob Cleaning

Hob Cleaning Inside your oven is not the only place that gets dirty and grimy from every day use. The hob can also get dirty and unsanitary. Whilst cleaning the hob is a much easier job than cleaning the oven, it can still be difficult to get it properly clean and to get in all the little nooks and crannies, particularly of some gas hobs. We will make sure that your hob is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, safe for you to use again right away!

Extractor Cleaning

Extractor CleaningThe extractor (sometimes called a hood) is something that most of us never even consider cleaning. It’s purpose is to filter the steam and vapours that are created from cooking, filter them and either recirculate them back into the air, or extract them from the property. The issue here is that in among the vapours is grease which is captured by filters. These filters over time can get clogged up and need a good clean. This is sometimes quite a complex job, we can take care of it for you when come to clean your oven.